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Metal Mania; Beautiful Brushed Brass

Metal Mania So it’s fair to say that last year copper and rose gold were the metals “du jour” in interiors and indeed, what’s not to love about these soft pinky hued accents. From handles and clocks to bowls, furniture trims and lamps, every interior website embraced this new found passion for “copper cool”. While still popular, this year there’s no doubt there is a new metallic “kid on the block” who for some time was relegated to the back of the classroom while it’s prized pupil chrome and stainless steel won all the awards. And that new metal is brushed brass - not the bright shiny brass of old country houses and antique shops but a sophisticated addition to any home and interior design scheme. Just changing knobs and handles to brushed brass immediately makes the look so much more upscale. Adding in a brushed brass lamp or mirror or selecting furniture pieces with brushed brass base or legs make a room feel more expensive than it probably was and inject style and luxury in equal measure. So to help you embrace the brushed brass look here’s five of our top picks to bring simple chic into your home: -

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